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“i'm one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind ”

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I've hated crinckle cut fries ever since middle school because the cafeteria always served them lukewarm af, slightly undercooked, and they didn't even attempt to season them so they tasted bland as hell and as you can all see I still haven't gotten over that shit. Blech!

(no subject)
This show is one of the few things keeping me sane rn. Bless.

I'm completely intrigued by this new assassin. Not really feeling the new dude that's part of Eve's team though. The MI6 stuff is a little boring but I love seeing Eve in her element and I love her relationship with Kenny and Carolyn (who's flawless as ever. Still wanna know wtf she talked about with Villanelle) Also can Eve's her heart eyes for V get any bigger? Take it down a notch, gurl. lol And maybe it's just me but that dead dude's kids seemed shady af.

I like Niko but I also find him kind of annoying, which makes me feel bad because he's a good dude who's just trying to be a decent husband.

I literally cringed when that creepy dude punched V in her stab wound. Oof. She looked insane af after she stabbed him, which is saying something because I didn't think she could look any crazier than when she killed Bill & Nadia. Can't wait for her to kill her new handler, it's only a matter if time. Especially after he choked the hell out of her. But anyway, SHE CALLED EVE! Omg! Sure it was after she called the 12 but still. I don't think she would've done that last season, even if she'd been in that exact same situation. Villaneve is progressing. :') It's gonna end horribly most likely but it's progressing. :')

Glad Konstantin is back. He really grew on me last season. I had a feeling he wasn't actually dead. Can't wait for him and Villanelle to reunite. That'll be a sight to see for sure.


Gibson SG Standard 4-String Bass


Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass Guitar

I have no idea how to play bass, but I want to learn very, very badly. They're just ... so awesome. And sexy. Too bad I'm broke.